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The Big Boy List

Sorry for the lack of posts lately -- posting might be a bit spotty here while I work behind the scenes re-uploading all our Terra the Boy and Paparazzo albums. Here's what's been restored so far!

(The latest updates (8/22) to this list are marked with a ***)

Terra the Boy:

Alex Eckschmidt
Alexandre Verga ***
Andre Coelho
Fabiano Post
Fred Motta
Gabriel Martinez
João Henrique
Paulo Ferreira
Paulo Zulu
Rafael Monteiro § video ***
Ricardo Dupen
Rodrigo Baldissarela
Sandro Mencarini
Cássio Reis

Anderson Dornelles
Caco Ricci § video
Cauã Reymond
Cristiano Dias
Juliano Zanata
Leandro Becker
Leandro Secassi ***
Marcelo Boldrini

Gilmar Rodrigues § video ***
Vinícius Postiglione ***

Rafael Franskowiak ***

Rodrigo Calazan § video

Check back to this post regularly (I'll add a link to the sidebar under "Men of the Month") as I'll update this list as I finish uploading each batch of albums.

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