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Boy, Oh Boy: Nido Barroso

Your Boy from Terra for the month of October, 2008 is Nido Barroso. He's beautiful -- a perfect way to kick off my birthday month! Enjoy his fotos, and I'll have his making-of video later this week. He was born on November 21, 1986 in Salvador, Bahia.

Sources: Terra the Boy, Giovanealex

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At 3:37 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Beautiful pics! =)
Not my kind of man, but very handsome

Can you post the pics of the new garoto pop Lucas Amaral?

Thank you, I love your blog!    

At 2:01 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

This guy is so HOTTT!

But has anyone realized he looks just like BARACK OBAMA?!?!?!    

At 3:12 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

He has a certain resemblance to one of our Presidential Candidates, especially around the eyes and jaw-line. I am left to wonder if this is Terra's way of marking the current hope for positive change in America.    

At 2:20 PM Blogger Hussy! said:

Yes, I did notice the resemblance to Obama. Maybe it's a good omen! ;)

To those of you asking for the Garoto Pop fotos -- I haven't heard from Fabio for a while. Are you there, Fabio?    

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