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Shirtless male celebrities from all over the world.

Cisoto Videos

Here's a list of all the videos made available via Cisoto Fotos thus far. Clicking on the links below will send you to the original post that describes the video, tells how large the file is, which player you need, etc. All videos are hosted on RapidShare -- see the end of this post if you need instructions for RapidShare. If the link for a video seems dead or removed, please leave a comment, and I might or might not re-upload the video.

1) Juan Carlos García -- (direct link to RapidShare)
This video, which shows a shirtless Juan Carlos García in a scene from the telenovela "La Mujer de Judas", requires the Quicktime player

2) Rafael Verga
Rafael Verga's "Making of" video from Terra The Boy

3) Juan Alfonso Baptista -- two videos

4) Angel Rebelde
Victor Noriega (2 videos) and Carlos Augusto Maldonado (1 video)

5) Angel Rebelde Again
Victor Noriega (2 videos) and Ismael la Rosa (1 video)

6) David Galindo
The Colombian actor/model poses for Calendario Hombres Cosmo 2005

7) Baptista and Ochmann
Hussy-made videos of Juan Alfonso Baptista and Mauricio Ochmann.

8) Bed and Shower
2 videos: Victor Noriega wakes up in bed, and the boys from Pasión de Gavilanes (Michel Brown, Mario Cimarro, and Juan Alfonso Baptista) share a bathroom.

9) Yelling at Girls
2 videos made from an old recording I made of Angel Rebelde: Carlos Augusto Maldonaldo in his shorts, and Victor Noriega in jeans.

Rapidshare instructions: Clicking on the video links will take you to a page containing info on Rapidshare. Scroll down and click “FREE”. In the new page that opens, scroll down, and you’ll see a number counting down to zero. After it reaches zero, the link to download the video will appear. Right-click and save. In Portuguese: Se ao clicar no link do vídeo uma nova página abrir com informações do rapidshare, baixe a página e clique em “FREE”. Uma nova página abrirá mostrando o link do vídeo, daí é só salvar o vídeo (não esqueça de esperar a contagem regressiva para este link abrir).

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