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Saturday was beach day in Rio for several actors, including Bruno Gagliasso, Marcos Pasquim, and Cláudio Heinrich (below):

Cláudio Heinrich

And, on April 12, Pedro Neschiling, Jorge Sá, and Paulinho Vilhena (below) filmed scenes for the telenovela "A Lua Me Disse":

Paulinho Vilhena

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At 8:26 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

hey can we have pics of raul olivo in angel rebelde... you've posted it somewhere but could you repost it please hussy....!! please.... i idolize himmm... raul olivo forever...

----laura---- and jennifer-----    

At 12:37 AM Blogger Hussy! said:

Hi, Laura and Jennifer! Sure! I re-posted all my Raúl Olivo captures over at Cisoto Fotonovelas. Enjoy!    

At 12:11 PM Blogger mr_meru said:


I`m here!!!


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