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Juan David Posada

Juan David Posada is a model from Medellín. He has his own calendar out, and he was a participant in some sort of reality tv show called Desafío 20.04. For someone who's been called "El Beckham Colombanio," he doesn't have a lot of pics online.

Juan David Posada

More pictures:
Juan Davd Posada modeling
Juan David Posada backstage
Shot from his calendar
Juan David Posada autographed

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At 1:22 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

You can see Juan David in undies in:    

At 11:10 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

me pareces un vacan.........    

At 11:14 AM Anonymous alejandro echavarria said:

me gustaria conocerte en persona,ya que me pareces una parsona superchevre    

At 1:13 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

juan david posada !
u are so handsome oh my goddness!
eres el mas lindo etre todos papito rico


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