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New G: Raoni Jam

G Online has a new feature: + Testosterona, which seems to feature "special" photo galleries (extra pictures of models featured in the magazine, etc). Currently featured is 20-year old Raoni Jam, voted via poll by the site's visitors as the proper model to pay homage to the Amazônia (if I'm reading it right).


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At 4:26 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Please, puts his pics too! For God's sake he is a god: )    

At 9:01 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:


At 12:16 AM Blogger Hussy! said:

You can find his pics in the MSN Group, Corepylon Flow (    

At 12:24 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Esse merece mais fotos aqui!!!o indio da G é muito gostoso...coloca +++ fotos!!!    

At 4:41 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hussy.. i tried to join the group but couldn't do it.. put his pics in here please.. and help me to join your group( in portugu ese if p ossib l e..)    

At 4:17 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:


At 10:31 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

vcs jah viram o ensaio completo? Noooossa! Ele tem um picão enorme bem cabeçudo! Pena q ele não goza durante o ensaio. seria d+ ver aquele ticão todo molhado!    

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