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New Boy: Diogo Veiga

Diogo Veiga's pictures are now online at the Terra The Boy site. For easier downloading, you might want to go here. Thanks to Giovanealex!

Diogo Veiga


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At 11:22 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

hi this is amanda again...

hussy.. can i request more videos of victor noriega.. im an avid fan of him so could you please grant my pleas... im checking your site regularly but im sometimes disappointed for not seeing him.. and please more pictures and videos of juan carlos garcia.. his body is worth drooling for really..!!!    

At 3:27 AM Blogger Hussy! said:

Well, I posted a video of Victor Noriega last week:

I'd love to make new Juan Carlos Garcia videos, but I can't -- none of his telenovelas are playing on my TV.    

At 11:26 AM Blogger mr_meru said:

Adorei o seu blog......poderia colar o seu link no meu blog?


At 5:50 PM Blogger Hussy! said:

Sure, we can exchange links -- what's your blog's URL? Do you have a banner?    

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