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Moj-Album Mojo

Well, has been awfully slow lately, and I worry it's headed to some kind of meltdown, but if you've the patience for it there's still some nice stuff to be found on it. Such as fredy's my-album, which features some nice scans of such luminaries as Gabriel Soto and Sebastian Rulli (both of whom are neck-to-neck in our current Man of the Month poll), Eduardo Rodrigues...

Eduardo Rodriges

...Sergio Mayer...

Sergio Mayer

...Jorge da Silva...

Jorge da Silva

and Carlos Ponce.

Carlos Ponce

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At 6:02 AM Blogger Paulo Mec said:

Eu gosto muito do teu Blog :o) Vamos trocar links? Dê uma checada Shaved Dudes (Raspadinhos): Contate-me pelo meu e-mail:
Abraços, Paulo Mec    

At 12:13 PM Blogger João Baptista said:

if U want to kill us please kill us softly    

At 12:57 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

In YouTube there's some videos that show some of the sexiest guys from Mexico like Armando Araiza, Xavier Ortiz, Sebastián Rulli, Alfondo Denigris, Julio Camejo, Latin Lover and Rafael Puentes.

Here's the link:    

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