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Shirtless male celebrities from all over the world.

Fifty From International Jock

Time for some new fotos from International Jock. Anyone know the name of the model below? I like.

Update: Well, here's proof that I'm slowly but surely losing my faculties -- I didn't recognize David Chaloub. As penance, I've gone ahead and re-uploaded his Terra the Boy fotos. Enjoy! And thanks to everyone who helped me to ID him. My face is properly red!



Plus, there's a lot more of Edislon Nascimento...

Edilson Nascimento

... and a little bit more of Carlos Freire.

Carlos Freire

Where to get them? Via either of the download-links below. In one zip file you'll get 16 fotos of the new guy, 29 of Edilson, and 5 of Carlos -- 50 images in all.

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At 6:27 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Don't you remember how is the first model, Hussy? It's an old model from The Boy, David Chaloub. You can see him here, on my blog.    

At 9:10 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

:) The blogger,here he is

I m ur fans....    

At 12:09 AM Anonymous Nirgal said:

He is David Chaloub, the one from Terra The Boy, isn't he?

At least, looks like him to me.    

At 12:34 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

dude, it's david chaloub! he was in the boy last year    

At 1:20 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

The one above is or is a dead ringer for David Chaloub a former the Boy. Wow still looks good.    

At 2:35 PM Anonymous alohaboy said:

The blond boy looks like Terra The Boy's David Chaloub to me....


- alohaboy    

At 4:41 PM Blogger Sammiel said:

This Brazilian model name is David Chaloub, featured in Terra websites before ...    

At 7:35 PM Anonymous Fábio said:

David Chaloub

At 8:01 PM Anonymous androphile said:

The first model is David Chaloub, who is from Brazil.    

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