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Andre Coelho Replay

I replayed a couple of old Paparazzo photo series yesterday, so today let's revisit an old Boy. Here's an early favorite of mine, Andre Coelho. You can find his photos here.

Andre Coelho

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At 4:22 PM Blogger mr_meru said:

Thank you so much!!!! I really love Terra=boy`s!    

At 5:52 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Many thanks for the This is a great gift to us desert princesses here in Arabia. Now we can truly celebrate a thousand and on night party.

Maria La'O    

At 12:55 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Thanks for the older Boy/Terra shots! I haven't seen some of them!    

At 11:34 PM Blogger Mako said:

I have a question. Since your site is about hot Brazilians, why don't you ever feature Brazilians of African descent, since a huge percentage of Brazilians are of African ancestry. It seems rather bizarre to not have any black Brazilians on your site, since so many Brazilians are black.    

At 5:12 AM Blogger Hussy! said:

The issue has come up before. This site does feature black people -- here, for example -- and it featured more in its previous version, before it moved to Bloglines and a lot of posts were lost). In short, I'm an American and my knowledge of Brazilian, Mexican, Venezuelan, Italian, etc. celebrities is limited to what I see on TV and what I find online, and I just don't come across a lot of black celebrities in the main news/celebrity sites and programs. Maybe you can help me -- got any names of black Latino celebs that I should be looking at?    

At 5:18 AM Blogger Hussy! said:

BTW, as my post above should make clear, this blog isn't "about Brazilians" only.    

At 11:33 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Wow Hussy, this 'retro' time is the best! Thanks so much and keep it up if you will...

At 2:21 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hussy !!!!!!! What a gift!!! I've been looking 4 pics of this guy 4 YEARS! I just found some in here !! You're just great! Thanx thanx thanx!    

At 5:56 AM Blogger Hussy! said:

You're welcome, all -- these "retro" posts are proving pretty popular, so I think I'll make them a semi-regular feature. Maybe once a month or so...    

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