Cisoto Fotos

Shirtless male celebrities from all over the world.

New G: Cris Andrade

New G: Cris Andrade, a 28-year-old DJ living in São Paulo. Click the picture below for a larger version.

Cris Andrade

O.K., here's the link to Corepylon G, Again :
You won't find Cris in there (yet), but there are a couple of posts from me and the other moderators. Bear with us while we get this group up and moving, and please feel free to contribute. Thanks to RWK and TheTick900 for offering to re-open and co-moderate the group! Update: Please notice that the URL has changed. Not sure what happened, but you'll probably have to re-join again. Sorry!


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At 11:46 PM Blogger Ti-Pet said:

Hi guys,

can someboday tell me how to be a member of G-Online....

I only understang english and

Merci beaucoup....    

At 11:49 PM Blogger Ti-Pet said:

Hi Guys,

can somebody tell me how to be a member for G-online.

i understand only english and french...

Merci beaucoup...    

At 1:11 AM Blogger Hussy! said:

Hi, ti-pet... go to this page for instructions (in English) on how to join G Online.    

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