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Cisoto Videos: Roberto França

I think Terra the Boy saved the best for last -- Roberto França is probably my favorite Boy of the year 2007 (although I reserve the right to have a long, leisurely reexamination of all the Boys!). Here's the man in motion; you can download his making-of video (13.92 MB), and you can find his fotos in this previous post.

And here's a handy list of all the Boys who appeared in the year 2007, with links to where you can find their fotos and videos here at Cisoto Fotos. What do you think -- a good year for the Boys, or just average? Who's your favorite?

Jan: Rodrigo Calazans -- fotos § videos
Feb: Leandro Okabe -- fotos § video
Mar: Diogo Provin -- fotos § video
Apr: Leandro Ghidini -- fotos § video
May: Diogo Nicoletti -- fotos § video
Jun: Fernando Sippel -- fotos § video
Jul: Ramirez Allender -- fotos § video
Aug: Saulo Melo -- fotos § video
Sep: Giancarlo -- fotos § video
Oct: Tiago Gass -- fotos § video
Nov: Michael Horta -- fotos § video
Dec: Roberto França -- fotos § video

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At 6:57 AM Blogger nayibi said:

Saulo Melo, Rodrigo Calazans and Michael Horta are the sexiests of 2007.    

At 12:43 AM Blogger Lolis Mendoza said:

giancarlo is my fav...I love him!

At 11:15 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

I like Leandro Okabe!!!! very sexy...    

At 7:18 PM Anonymous bob said:

my fave is giancarlo, by far!!    

At 10:37 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

leandro hokabe and saulo melo are the sexiests!    

At 12:39 PM Anonymous AustinR said:

Would you please reupload Giancarlo's video, I can't download. Thank you!!    

At 10:32 PM Blogger Hussy! said:

AustinR: Giancarlo's video is still available here. Why can't you download it?    

At 7:44 PM Anonymous Name-less said:

My favourites are Diogo Nicoletti, Leandro Ghidini, Saulo Melo, Michael Horta, Giancarlo ... Great year!    

At 12:29 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

my fav are saulo melo, leandro okabe and fernando sippel!    

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